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ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR Laptop Review

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GRI’ve had this pc for per week, and I’ve been utilizing it every single day throughout that period as my pc. I didn’t purchase it like a desktop replacement, but instead like a lightweight desktop alternative for when I spend days and on occasion even months at another home in the united states. However, having it as a full-time computer in the past week has provided ample chance to appreciate its many features and get it setup for my future cross-country journey.

I’ve had none of the issues documented with a few others. As soon as I kicked up the pc following its original cost, it’s worked correctly. Activations and application changes went smoothly. The wireless adapter works great, enabling me to speak easily with peripherals and other computers on my home community. I’ve no problems concerning the quality or the QA procedure involved with this to be computer. I actually do, however, have several style issues, although not one of them might keep me from purchasing this product again.

ASUS T100TA-H1-GR Specs:

  • Preinstalled with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013
  • Dock included
  • Intel Atom Quad Core Processor – Baytrail-T Z3740 1.33GHz (Turbo 1.86GHz)
  • 32GB SSD, 500GB HDD (Dock)
  • 2 GB DDR3
  • 10.1″ Display
  • 11 hours of battery life
  • 178-degree viewing angle

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For those people who use a radio mouse rather than the track-pad, the only real current USB interface is adopted by the mouse transmitter, making no available ports for something similar to a thumb drive, that we use to transport around all my records from my pc. Therefore, the following answer would be to purchase a little USB hub, that we did. If ASUS had merely involved only one more complete USB port to the other part of the keyboard dock carrying around a center could possibly not be required.

The brief cord is ridiculous. It’s so brief that I can’t actually until I set the computer on the edge of the desk, making it useless while getting as the computer is resting on a table—not plug-in the computer from the ground store. Even then, the plug is hardly reached by the wire. By purchasing a 6’ cost cable to displace the main one that included the plug I resolved the issue, and that works good. (If you-go that way, make sure to purchase a demand cable, not really a data cable.) While charging if you are using it, the computer is very slow to cost. More Straightforward To cost starightaway as you rest.

I understood the little keyboard might include a learning curve and some compromises, and that’s undoubtedly proven right. The keyboard is just a bit smaller than the usual completely dimension model—which before purchasing it I realized, because of the evaluations of others–and it takes some getting used-to. I was prepared to make that bargain to be able to obtain a 10”, extremely portable Windows computer, and I’m pleased with that option, after utilizing it for some time.

Today, onto the items I such as for instance why I decided this computer and a ton. . . .

I’ve held numerous Apple and Android products, and I find them to be restricted to leisure and amusement activities, while I appreciate them. I also require the capability to be effective while I travel for extended amounts of time.

I’ve read that others discover the application choice for Windows products bad, but I found it significantly more than adequate for my diverse travel, leisure, and personal productivity requirements.

Which means I run Adobe Viewer, Excel, Visio Master, and Word with frequency for individual efficiency. I use watermarking application and light photo-editing and also keep my very own site. While using the these programs I’ve not experienced any rate or efficiency issues, and I frequently have many programs operating in the same period. I’m not really a resource-demanding player, and I don’t make use of the computer for actions associated with external work. Easily did both of these, I likely could have elected for a more powerful machine—possibly the forthcoming Dell Location 11 Expert, which will cost somewhat more for exactly the same standard setup, but will ofttimes be faster and have choices for a bigger drive and more storage. For my purposes, this pc may only get daily-use after only several times annually are travel.ASUS T100TA-H1-GR

I’m discovering Windows 8.1 more straightforward to use compared to numerous Apple and Android products I’ve, and I’ve loved customizing the start-menu to incorporate some for leisure and vacation, in addition to all of the applications I use for efficiency. The Start screen enables me to arrange my applications in ways which makes them no problem finding, and I love the minute start menu notices incorporated with most of the applications.

I was only a little concerned about the tiny hard drive, while I was taking a look at this computer, but that problem was quickly solved from the purchase of a 64GB micro-sd card and the 128GB thumb drive. I’ve seen reviews the micro-sd card “sticks out” when placed, but mine is flush with the exterior border of the pill, which makes it not a problem to depart in most the full time. I also bought a little, light USB link and a micro-to-complete-USB converter to permit maximum flexibility to me in speaking with other-devices. Increase that the really sweet situation, monitor protection, mesh-tipped stylus, ultra-lightweight wireless mouse and mat, and a versatile USB data cable, and I’m prepared to hit the street and remain eliminated so long as I’d like without getting behind on something.

Conclusion: Good Laptop, Nice Features. I’d Buy It Again

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